KPIXO - an Intelligent Solution
for Operations and Visual management

The data under your eyes !
Make the operational management by removing the low added value tasks

Data collection, analysis and formalisation is time consuming !

Help yourself with a smart solution, allowing data collection and preview.

A network of interactive screens and Wallboards

A network of screens for viewing KPIs, trends, and collaborative facilitation in workshops.

Data Gathering

All your data related to your performance (GembaWalk, Audits, Actions, Training and Authorizations, etc.) are interconnected and centralised in the KPIXo solution.

Dedicated Web modules for Analysis and Performance management

Data processing and analysis, visualization and decision support system.



4 Mounths


Non Quality


Time Saving

The operational excellence within the digital transformation

KPIXO simplify the continuous improvement steps thanks to technology.
Integrate KPIXO to your digital transformation strategy pushs you closer to the operational excellence. Have reliable data, in the right place, at the right time. KPIXO will enable you to act pro-actively, eliminate risks, optimise your operations and maximise your performance.

Control risks, costs and production on your sites

This is the essence of KPIXO.
Identifying opportunities for progress in the field, eliminating silos and barriers between teams, increasing the continuous improvement process agility, optimising the effectiveness of your action plans, etc. KPIXO is an effective response to your daily production challenges and a source of sustainable operational value.

Accelerate the operational efficiency

KPIXO, a growth engine for your operational efficiency.
By closely matching your organisation’s business processes, KPIXO enables task automation, promotes greater collaboration, and anticipates potential problems. Managers can then focus on improving measures to increase productivity, reduce waste and drive sustainable performance.

The app easing industrial managers lives within the factories, and which enables better performances and more efficiency, when driving continuous improvement processes.