KPIXO, a collaborative platform for performance management.

All your performance data is centralised in a single platform. The information is the same for everyone, from production operators to management, and is updated in real time, 24/7.


Make the digital transformation of your performance management serenely...

KPIXO has been developed according to the standards and methodologies of Lean Management. It assists you on a daily basis and takes care of your low value-added tasks (data collection, formatting, display and updating).

Action Plan

Plan your improvement actions

Plan and monitor your continuous improvement actions in a collaborative manner.

The action plan module is dynamic and equipped with notifications, allowing you to alert the people concerned in the event of anomalies (Action not processed, Deadline exceeded, etc.).

Event reporting S,Q,C,D,P

Report anomalies and deviations from operations, which relate to Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People.

Routines and Audits

Create your own dashboards and audits and set your own targets.

Animate your routines and collaborate in the field, using the KPIXO platform.

Enter and consult your data on all digital media.

KPIs are instantly updated in the various Dashboards, whether you are in the field or elsewhere.

Data Analysis

Have your data at your disposal and fulfil your role as an Augmented Manager. Analyse your data and results and rely on our expert Data Analysts (KPIXO XPR) to make better use of them.

Why choose the KPIXO solution?

Data aggregation

Aggregation & Exploitation of multi-source data

Digital Transformation

Dematerialisation of documents.

Dynamic Collaboration

Non-performance alert.
Connected managers.

Real-time information

Automatic data update.
Management dashboards in line with your organisation

Visibility & Legibility of data

Customized display + Aesthetic + Pleasant + Ergonomic


Controlled steering of performance.
Focus on Analysis, Action and Decision Making. Positive impact on the Organisation.

Multi-sources interconnection.
Connection to all data sources and information systems.

KPIX.0 interconnects and centralises all your performance data, regardless of the data source.

KPIX.0 connects to all types of data sources, including Excel and csv files, your various information systems (ERP, CMMS) by means of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), but also to Business Intelligence platforms such as Power BI, Tableau Software, etc.