What is the objective of KPIXO?

KPIXO aims to make managers life easier and improve production performance by digitally transforming the usual whiteboards used to display data for Gemba walks or continuous improvement reviews. In addition to visual management, KPIXO helps to manage continuous improvement on a daily basis, as well as to assess the effectiveness of the improvement process in place.

KPIXO - an intelligent solution
for operations and visual management

The industry's Lean model has reached its performance limits.

Visual management is a key element of workshop animation and industrial performance improvement.

Performance indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, allow the industrial manager to know the health of his organisation and to have in front of him the objectives to be reached and the results obtained.

The workload and the time needed to obtain indicators are the main limiting factors in achieving performance objectives.

Who has never seen factory display panels with obsolete indicators?

Difficulty in accessing information and incompatibility between information sources. Data is scattered and not interconnected. Action plans are not directly linked to problems reported from the field.

A heavy process

The current process is heavy and demotivating, and it’s deteriorating over time

Average preparation time for KPIs :

1H / Day / Person / Table

Improve the efficiency of your continuous improvement process.

LEAN Management methodologies in the industry, such as QRQC, SQDCP, etc. , requires a great deal of effort in data collection, analysis, formatting and display.

A daily update frequency is too often untenable with traditional media (Paper and Excel). This makes performance analysis less effective and less engaging.

The means and tools used such as flip charts, post-its, manual writing, are no longer effective enough compared to the technological and digital means available today. They point to a lack of visibility and legibility of the data, a significant demand for efforts in the collection, a slow reactivity in the retrieval or transmission of information.